Au Naturel

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Why make skincare complicated? This body butter has amazing ingredients that will deeply hydrate your skin: raw, organic shea butter and organic coconut oil. It has a light, nutty aroma and will keep your skin glowing all day long. 

What's new?

This butter had a new look and feel! Packaged in a reusable white tin, this butter has a beautifully designed label that represents the product inside. You'll also notice its no longer whipped! We made a change to make it more shelf and temperature stable (no one likes when your butter melts and deflates). But don't worry, you have almost double the amount of product that will apply smoothly like a balm on the skin. 


100% natural + fresh ingredients:

Raw organic shea butter, organic coconut oil, arrowroot powder.


Grab a bit of butter, warm up between your palms and massage into skin. Apply to after a shower or as a spot treatment for dry skin. Can be used from face-to-feet whenever needed. 

Pro-Tip: Dry lips? This butter will soften + moisturize.

Shelf Life

This butter is 100% all-natural. We mix this butter fresh, so enjoy it sooner than later for the best experience! Always close jar after use to keep your butter as fresh as possible. Make sure your hands are clean and avoid adding water. When the butter starts to expire, you'll notice a change in the smell and texture.

Shelf Life:

Use within 6 months of opening.